Tips That Will Help Professional Window Cleaners

Professional Window Cleaners

If you are new to the window cleaning business, then you need to understand that window cleaning is a tough and tedious job, especially commercial window cleaning. There is not much that can be taught about window cleaning except to provide knowledge about the equipment and tools that are available for window cleaning. The newbies can also learn the ways and methods to clean different types of windows. Rest is a hands-on experience that you will learn when you start to work on windows. A good learner will become a very good professional window cleaner in no time. The professionals will look to develop their skills at every given opportunity and will strive hard to attain perfection in window cleaning as quickly as possible.

Be sure to stay hydrated

Cleaning the windows of high rise buildings is a tedious task and will be an energy-sapping experience, especially if you are doing it in the hot sun. Hence, staying hydrated is very important. The chances of accidents to happen during the summer months are very low if the cleaners stay hydrated. They will also be able to do their jobs on time as they do not have to take more water breaks. This is an important advice for all newbie window cleaners.

Squeegee technique

More often than not the new window cleaners do not have the right knowledge of how to use the most important window cleaning tool, the squeegee. You should first apply a decent amount of water on the window using the sea sponge. Then the squeegee must be run over the window from top to bottom in a straight line. The cleaner must pause for a moment or two to allow the excess water on the squeegee to run off the blade. Care should be taken when removing the squeegee from the window. You should never remove it too soon as there is every chance for the water to splash on the cleaned window.

Never use soapy water

It is not a good idea to use a lot of soap on the window panes in a bid to clean it more efficiently and to make it sparkle. This could backfire on you. The use of the excess soap on the glass will make the windows to dry out soon. Apart from this, there will be a soapy film on the glass that would spoil the aesthetic look of the window.

The new entrants in the professional cleaning industry must understand that new equipment and products for window cleaning will be introduced from time to time. They must be ready to adapt to the changes and make use of these products to offer more efficient window cleaning.

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