How To Get Rid Of Hard Water Stains On The Windows

If you are residing close to the beach or in a coastal town, then there are chances that your glass windows would be victims of sea salt attacks. These stains will dull the window and spoil the look of your home. It is better to get them cleaned to make the windows look sparkling. The hard water has minerals like calcium and magnesium. When the hard water that hits the window evaporates, it leaves the mineral deposits on it. The glass is porous, even though it appears smooth to the naked eye. If these saltwater stains are not removed, they can cause permanent damage to the glass windows. It is important to clean the windows from time to time in order to save money replacing the windows.

Hire professionals

There is no way you are going to wait close to the windows are clean them every time the salt water strikes on them. Hiring the professional cleaning services with the tools to tackle the mineral deposits on the window glasses is a good option. They will be able to reach the windows of any height and cleaning the windows is done in a quick and efficient fashion. 

Do it yourself options

If you find hiring the professionals too much in your pocket, then you can try out some of the home remedies to get rid of salt stains on window glasses.

  •         Mix equal quantities of water and vinegar in a bowl. Apply this mixture to the stained glass. The acidic properties of vinegar will break down the minerals and soften the spots. Let the solution soak in the glass for some time and then wipe off the deposits quickly using a cotton cloth.
  •         If the salt deposits are a bit thick, then you can use a soft bristled plastic brush to scrub the glass surface after applying the water and vinegar solution.
  •         You can also use the lime removal sprays and lotions on sale the markets to get rid of the salt stains on the glass.

If these home remedies do not work, then try hiring professionals to get rid of salt and mineral stains on windows.

What Qualities should you Look For In A Professional Window Cleaner?

The windows in your homes and offices will get dirty and accumulate dust as the time goes on. The dirty and dust-laden windows can cause some health issues and also show a negative impact to the outsiders about the maintenance of the building. Cleaning the windows yourself is going to be time-consuming and a risky task. If you find the windows too dirty, it is time to hire the services of the professional window cleaners to get them cleaned and to make them look new again.

Professional Window Cleaner

What do professional window cleaners bring to the table?

The following are some of the important qualities that professional window cleaning companies will offer to its clients.

  •   Highly skilled services

The best in the window cleaning business will have well trained and skilled staff to work on all kinds of windows. They will do a perfect cleaning job on the windows to make the building look neat both from the inside and the outside.

  •   Use of eco-friendly products

The reputed and reliable window cleaning services make use of green and eco-friendly cleaning materials to ensure safety and health of their clients as well as the environment. They will not use any of the harsh chemicals on the windows to make it sparkling. They use the best green products to prevent any damage to the environment. Another company that specializes in eco-friendly practices that I highly recommend is Rid-Of-It Vancouver as they are super conscious of recycling where they can and not just dumping everything in the landfill. 

  •   Top quality service

The professionals will always offer top quality services. They know all the tricks of the trade in turning the dirtiest windows into spic and span windows. They will take care of all the stains, dust and grime on the windows in a professional manner.

  •   Licensed and certified

The reputed window cleaning services will be having the valid license and certification to carry out window cleaning jobs on all kinds of buildings. The staffs are insured and bonded and have a lot of experience in cleaning all kinds of windows.

Tips That Will Help Professional Window Cleaners

If you are new to the window cleaning business, then you need to understand that window cleaning is a tough and tedious job, especially commercial window cleaning. There is not much that can be taught about window cleaning except to provide knowledge about the equipment and tools that are available for window cleaning. The newbies can also learn the ways and methods to clean different types of windows. Rest is a hands-on experience that you will learn when you start to work on windows. A good learner will become a very good professional window cleaner in no time. The professionals will look to develop their skills at every given opportunity and will strive hard to attain perfection in window cleaning as quickly as possible.

Be sure to stay hydrated

Cleaning the windows of high rise buildings is a tedious task and will be an energy-sapping experience, especially if you are doing it in the hot sun. Hence, staying hydrated is very important. The chances of accidents to happen during the summer months are very low if the cleaners stay hydrated. They will also be able to do their jobs on time as they do not have to take more water breaks. This is an important advice for all newbie window cleaners.

Squeegee technique

More often than not the new window cleaners do not have the right knowledge of how to use the most important window cleaning tool, the squeegee. You should first apply a decent amount of water on the window using the sea sponge. Then the squeegee must be run over the window from top to bottom in a straight line. The cleaner must pause for a moment or two to allow the excess water on the squeegee to run off the blade. Care should be taken when removing the squeegee from the window. You should never remove it too soon as there is every chance for the water to splash on the cleaned window.

Never use soapy water

It is not a good idea to use a lot of soap on the window panes in a bid to clean it more efficiently and to make it sparkle. This could backfire on you. The use of the excess soap on the glass will make the windows to dry out soon. Apart from this, there will be a soapy film on the glass that would spoil the aesthetic look of the window.

The new entrants in the professional cleaning industry must understand that new equipment and products for window cleaning will be introduced from time to time. They must be ready to adapt to the changes and make use of these products to offer more efficient window cleaning.

Why Hire Professionals For Window Cleaning Jobs?

Having clean and attractive looking windows are a must in every home as it increases the appeal and aesthetic look of the house. If you are finding the cleaning of the windows in your home a tedious task, then you can always seek the help of professional residential window cleaning services. They have experienced window cleaners who are trained to clean all kinds of residential windows. Hiring these professionals will save a lot of your time and you can even use it for other important things. It is better to hand over the job of cleaning high rise windows in your home to the professionals considering the amount of risk that it involves. The professionals will have all the safety equipment and gear as well as the experience to carry out high window cleaning.

Reasons to hire professionals

There are several reasons as to why you should think of hiring the professional window cleaning services to take care of your residential windows.

Use of professional equipment

The experienced and the professionals in residential window cleaning services will have all the necessary window cleaning equipment at their disposal. Some of the equipment like extension poles squeezes, ladders, eco-friendly window cleaning liquids, window clothes, etc., would be available on hand for the job. By hiring the professionals to do the job, you do not have to worry about purchasing all the window cleaning equipment and this saves a lot of money. They will have different sets of equipment and gear to clean different types of windows. If you have a lot of windows in your home, then hiring window cleaning experts is the best solution as investing in all kinds of window cleaning equipment and safety gear will cost a lot of money.

Expertise in window cleaning

The professional cleaners have loads of window cleaning experience behind their backs. They will carry out the job in a meticulous manner and also complete the task well in time. They will do the work according to your need and will not disturb you a lot while cleaning. The experts offer quick and efficient service that saves your valuable time. Their window cleaning will ensure that the windows will have a better lifespan.

Smudge and streak free windows

The professional window cleaning services are fully aware of the kind of techniques they should use for different types of windows. As a homeowner, you are not aware of the right techniques for each window and therefore you will lose a lot of time cleaning the windows. The professionals will do the job perfectly and will ensure your windows are blemish free and streak free. They will turn the dull looking and dust loaded windows of your home into bright, glossy and stylish ones. If the cleaners find some problem with the window when cleaning, they will identify the problem and show you which of the windows need correction.

By researching on the internet, you can easily find out the most affordable and experienced window cleaning services that meet your needs and budget.